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I’m updating my #pimpmybio from last year, although boringly enough, not much has changed. Well, my MS is new and improved, evolving from YA to A, so that’s different. I added some characters, killed off some others, changed genders on a couple and snuck in exactly three swear words. Other than that, I’m still alive, so I guess that’s a good thing. Oh, and the 12th Doctor is going to regenerate which makes me heartbroken.

TO KISS THE SKY AGAIN (my MS’s new title since no one understood my earlier one), is an epic fantasy with sci-fi components. Or, as half my readers argue, science fiction with epic fantasy components. No matter what you call it, it has a new world, new races (one winged and one not), and exciting new creatures.

The story combines a kick-ass MC with her even more kick-assary (and much older) mentor and incorporates flying, sky dancing, battles, slavery, caste-systems, judgments, love and hate (and a bit of romance with broken hearts), colorful wings, ancient technology, songs and stories, 5-legged jaran, LGBTQ, banishment, divided loyalties, and of course, life-ending decisions. The MC has to survive all of the above after being banished to the unknown surface of her planet, her wings locked tight. Oh, and the planet floods twice a year.

If you like Terry Goodkind’s Sword of Truth series (and especially the relationship between Zedd and Richard), and the imaginative world-building of THE SCORPIO RACES, you should love TO KISS THE SKY AGAIN!

The first thing you may notice about me in this, my #pimpmybio, is that I am older, elderly, more (questionably) mature than all of the #PitchWars mentees. Well, most, if not all, of the mentors as well. In fact, I am probably old enough to be everyone’s mother, if not grandmother. BUT, that does not mean I could not be a good mentee. Old is a mental state, one that can paralyze the mind and body. I am happy to report I have full use of all my limbs and brain and I still love to embarrass my adult kids at times.


What does it mean to have more years on this body than the other mentees? It means I have way more life experiences to draw upon for my writing. I walked China’s Great Wall and traversed Scotland’s highlands; eaten monkey and hunted crocodile for dinner in the Amazon jungle; spent the night on the walkways overlooking Iguazu Falls and in the ruins of Machu Picchu, being serenaded by the ghosts of virgins past; jumped out of airplanes (back when they pushed you out the door on your own, not tandem); and faced off a grizzly on the tundra, high above the Arctic Circle. Maybe even more scary, I raised two kids to be successful adults.

I grew up in the 60’s (you know- sex, drugs and rock n’ roll), an era where The Cold War, civil rights, feminism and the Viet Nam war raged. How can those events not mold a young adult’s beliefs into who they ultimately become? Through everything, I read. I devoured the fantasy/sci-fi greats of the times: Tolkien, McCaffrey, Jordan, Heinlein, Lewis, Asimov, Le Guin, Clarke, McKillip, Pratchett, Gibson, Card, Brooks, Eddings, Herbert, Bradbury, Hobb… I could go on but I suppose I should stop and I haven’t even gotten to the more recent ‘greats’. I’m a Trekkie (from the original on), Firefly follower, Star Wars lover and Whovian (but not necessarily an Oxford comma enthusiast). I still cry watching any space launch and at sappy, feel-good commercials on TV.

I’m used to hard work. While having all that fun, I ran my own disability law practice for thirty plus years. I started my own non-fiction publishing company, helping authors to write and publish a book as a marketing tool for their business. I also published two non-fiction books of my own. I spoke on and taught writing classes and even now coach high schoolers in our local writing program.

And I’m still learning. In the past ten years, I discovered a passion I never knew existed. Every year I capture and band migrating raptors, holding these fierce, top-of-the-food-chain predators in my hands. Awesome and amazing.

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My newest adventure? Writing my first novel in a planned series (still half-way through the second one)- a speculative, secondary-world fantasy/sci-fi. My husband is not impressed. He tells me that fantasy is not a real genre because there are no rules. “You can write anything,” he says. EXACTLY! So, I’ve written about a new world with new races and creatures. Yet, as in the pictures seen in the news every day, I’ve also mirrored contemporary issues faced by society. Everyone needs to understand that some people are overt in their hatred and fear. They are the easy ones to identify. But there is something worse: indifference. This belief requires no malice, only complacency. I would love my book to open eyes and get readers thinking, all couched in the guise of a fabulous story.

I like to believe I am open to constant learning. After reading my writing changes based upon her suggestions, my content editor told me: “What can I say. Wow. If you showed me these chapters alongside your initial sample from all those months ago, I would not have said they were written by the same person. Your storytelling has developed so much it gives me TINGLES. And you know I never use caps, like ever (!) I can honestly say your rate of development is faster and more marked than 90% of the writers I work with, which is truly gratifying.” So with your guidance and direction wonderful mentors, this old dog can learn new tricks. I want your help. I want to be better than 90%. I want to learn from you. Choose me!

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ROCK-ON! Thank you to everyone who stopped by, and especially those who leave comments. My best to all mentors and mentees! Thanks to Brenda Drake and don’t forget to check out other #pimpmybio authors for those entering #PitchWars. (Thank you Lana for doing this!) Don’t forget to comment. Remember, writing is solitary. #PitchWars is a way to make it not so much…

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